Coalition of African and Caribbean Communities in Philadelphia (AFRICOM)

Posted January 19th, 2011 at 5:13 pm.

The Coalition of African Communities – Philadelphia (AFRICOM) is an umbrella non-profit organization that brings together various African, American and Caribbean community organizations and individuals, who subscribe to the mission to improve the welfare of its community members by:

  • Facilitating family access to health and social services, with special focus on women, children and the youth.
  • Promoting economic development.
  • Facilitating resolution of inter and intra-group conflicts.
  • Advocating on issues of concern to African communities &.
  • Educating the media and broader public on African cultures and experiences.

Recent projects hosted by AFRICOM include the Health Fair  and a food bank distributed with the help of collaborator organizations.

Some of the programs envisioned by AFRICOM include:

African Conference

  • All day seminar on various issues
  • Invite all African organizations and stakeholders on African affairs
  • Invite knowledgeable panelists, nationally and from Africa
  • Organized in collaboration with the Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Affairs

Economic Development and Funding

  • Organizing a major fund raising event
  • Invitation of all African organizations and business and government officials
  • Grant-writing activities and proposals for AFRICOM and for the benefit of members
  • Develop African professional/business directory

Cuture and Media

  • Marketing and promotion of AFRICOM through media, radio, etc.
  • Promotion of African cultures
  • Advocating and publicity of issues of concern to African communities


Contact: 215-816-8063,

Location: 6328 Paschall Avenue, Suite A, Philadelphia PA 19142

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