New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia

Posted January 17th, 2018 at 12:00 am.

New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia builds community across faith, ethnicity, and class in their work to end injustices against immigrants regardless of immigration status, express radical welcome for all, and ensure that values of dignity, justice, and hospitality are lived out in practice and upheld in policy.

Through grassroots organizing led by affected immigrants, New Sanctuary Movement fights and wins immigrant justice campaigns with members across nationality, faith, class, and immigration status. Their community organizing in Philadelphia builds power in immigrant communities to alter the power imbalance, organizes direct action campaigns, builds the individual and collective capacity of the immigrant community and brings immigrant and ally communities together in solidarity to work for change.

The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia has multiple campaigns that change from time to time, as well as the following permanent programs:

  • Accompaniment Program (a primary method through which allied congregations provide solidarity to our immigrant members facing deportation)
  • New Leadership School (an intensive five-month course that educates immigrant leaders to organize for change and immigration justice in Philadelphia)
  • Know Your Rights Trainings (inform immigrants of their legal and civil rights, provide the tools to defend those rights, and engage communities to address the roots causes of immigration injustice)
  • Immigration 101 Workshops (educate hundreds of people each year to distinguish between immigration facts and myth, and engage allies in our immigrant justice movement)



Contact: 215-279-7060,

Location: 2601 Potter St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

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